Executive Staff and Management Team



Stacey Ninness

Stacey Ninness, President and CEO
(405) 236-0452 Ext. 102

Ken Stephens

Ken Stephens, CFO
(405) 236-0452 Ext, 113

Gloria Quezada, COO
(405) 236-0452 Ext. 112

Linda Burgett,  Development & Communications Director
(405) 236-0452 Ext. 109

Sonia Carpenter,  WIC Clinic Director
(405) 942-2008

Dr. Alan McDonald, DDS, Director of Dentistry
(405) 236-0413

Laura Gutierrez, Dental Clinic Manager
(405) 236-0452 Ext. 129


Administrative Staff

Ashlie Deline, Volunteer Manager
adeline@nsookc.org Ext 104

Amber Hyland, Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator
ahyland@nsookc.org Ext. 114

Linn Probasco, Executive Assistant to Stacey Ninness
lprobasco@nsookc.org Ext. 101

Housing Staff

Permanent Housing

Client Advocate (Palo Duro I)

Kaci Floranda, Client Services Advocate Administrator (Palo Duro II)

Transitional Housing
Monica Gordner, Family Services Client Advocate
(Martha’s House & Gatewood)
mgordner@nsookc.org; (405) 525-7409

CWC Manager  (Carolyn Williams Center)
(405) 604-9442

Rebecca Hamilton, Client Advocate
(Carolyn Williams Center)
rhamilton@nsookc.org; (405) 604-9442



Dental Clinic Staff

Dr. Michael Thomas, DDS

Heather Wheeler, Dental Hygienist and Outreach Coordinator
hwheeler@nsookc.org; Ext. 137

Jackie Charqueno, Dental Clinic Receptionist and Dental Assistant

Lissa Clark, Dental Assistant
Berenis Zermeno, Dental Assistant

WIC Clinic Staff

Brittany Wheaton, Dietitian
Kristen Arabula Hernandez, Breast Feeding Peer Counselor
Alexis Boryca, Breast Feeding Peer Counselor
Cynthya Sanchez, Breast Feeding Peer Counselor
Chloe Eyachabbe, CWNT
Jaclyn Huxford, CWNT
Sheila Hystead, CWNT
Maria De Leon, CWNT
Renee Pouncil, CWNT
Maria Andrade, WIC Clerk
Maria Hernandez, WIC Clerk
Ana Lopez Oliva, WIC Clerk
Sarah VonRitchie, WIC Clerk
Keya Wiley, WIC Clerk