Our volunteers are essential at Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO) because we can’t do it all by ourselves. We are always looking for volunteers and appreciate any help you can give. Our most common projects are listed below.


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Please note: We ask for at least two weeks notice to adequately prepare for most group volunteer projects. Group projects are limited to no more than 15 participants.

For more information about our volunteer program, please contact NSO at (405) 236-0452 or by email at hello@nsookc.org.


Current volunteer opportunities

kjChildcare Assistant
Watch over and interact with our Martha’s House and Gatewood children while mothers attend a weekly life skills class on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:15 pm.

Childcare assistants can also be on call to watch children while their mother attends a job interview during the day

Meal Sharing
Prepare and deliver a meal or cook onsite for the residents at the Carolyn Williams Center or Palo Duro programs. This opportunity is very flexible and always needed!

Apartment Sponsor
Volunteers can paint, prepare, decorate and lightly furnish apartments for homeless families moving into one of our transitional housing facilities. Apartment sponsors continue to provide basic necessities (bedding, towels, cleaning supplies, kitchen items, etc.) on an as-needed basis. Ideal for groups.

Lunch buddies
Take some time during a lunch break to be a friend to one of our residents at Palo Duro, a permanent supportive living center for homeless, single adults with a mental illness. Our residents love to interact with volunteers. Eat lunch, play a card game or enjoy a conversation.


Teach life skills
Our clients need to learn skills that will help them transition to independence. Skills such as cooking, budgeting, applying for a job, maintaining a home and maintaining healthy relationships can be taught to residents of our housing programs.

Help our clients celebrate upcoming holidays and birthdays. Projects are based on the volunteer or group’s interest and availability.

Bible Study
Help clients feel uplifted and inspired each week by leading Bible study at Palo Duro I or Palo Duro II permanent housing programs. Days and times are flexible.