Palo Duro I is a permanent supportive living center for single, homeless adults with a mental illness.

Palo Duro I resident smiling

• Palo Duro I is a 22-unit complex. Individual apartments include a combination living/ bedroom area, kitchen and bathroom. The complex also has a common area with a TV and community bookcase, as well as an on-site laundry facility.
• Residents pay a monthly program fee that covers all bills.
• Palo Duro I is funded primarily through the United Way of Central Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency.
• The facility is within walking distance of a mental health care provider, and also offers an on-site, full-time case manager.
• Since this is a permanent housing facility, residents can live at Palo Duro I for as long as they like. The complex offers them a safe, comfortable environment in which to live with individuals who have had similar experiences.

“Palo Duro made me smile the first day I walked through its doors. It takes our broken lives and by love makes us whole again so we can show a smile to the world.”